Chinese herbal soups are unique. Mixing herbs together to bring out their best qualities and make them more easily to digest is a powerful healing tool.


Chinese Herbal Medicine is a stand alone treatment. Chinese Herbs can be a way for someone who is not interested in working with needles to have access to the healing wealth that Chinese Medicine has to offer. Traditional Chinese Medical hospitals in major cities in China have whole departments of the hospital dedicated to herbal medicine (acupuncture, medical massage and moxibustion are the other major departments).


Chinese Herbs use recipes or formulas of herbs. The first herb(s) or chief herb(s) carry out the primary function of the formula. The second group of herbs are the deputies. These herbs support the function of the primary herb(s) and also address secondary symptoms. The assistants help refine and tailor the recipe for the individual patient and harmonize it.

For example: In the case of a cold, gui zhi or cinnamon twig is a chief ingredient in a classic formula. The Deputies bring the effect of the herbs to the achy muscles of the neck and relieve sinus congestion. Lastly the assistant herbs harmonize and formula making it easier to digest and assimilate.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are a powerful healing combination. The following video is less than four minutes long and will give you a look at different uses for herb, ways to take herbs and it will give you an idea of how Chinese herbs can help you reach your health care goals. Enjoy!