Who hasn’t been stressed? The first effect that patients report from their treatments is a drastic reduction in their stress levels; they sleep better, digest their food better, are in a better mood and have more energy. Shaking off the stress and tension of life improves your immune response and makes you a healthier person. Acupuncture is profoundly relaxing.

Being sick, in pain, & overwhelmed all can create stress. Eventually the stress and the initial disease become intertwined and hard to distinguish. Acupuncture helps to unravel this murkiness and bring clarity and healing to the body. The sicknesses are healed, pains alleviated, and a feeling of being overwhelmed is replaced with a feeling of space and possibilities.

How does acupuncture do this? Acupunctures taps into the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years of medical practice and the innate healing potential of the human body. Fine needles are selected to improve the flow of blood and other vital fluids. To learn more about Chinese Medicine click one of the following topics: herbal medicine, moxibustion & cupping, and sound therapy. Acupuncture is a fun and marvelous medical system that bring my patients thriving health.


I offer a free phone consultation. I’ll let  you know how acupuncture can help you reach your health care goals. You’ll also  get free lifestyle suggestion to help you reach your goals. There is plenty of time  for you to ask about acupuncture and your health.

To make an appointment for your free consultation please call 619-640-4422.


Royal’s acupuncture office is in the Uptown district of San Diego (Normal Heights, North Park, Hillcrest, Kensington). Located in the heart of the Normal Heights business district, the office is easily reached from Interstates 8, 805, and 15.

Royal is also available for house calls in the greater San Diego area. House calls are a way to receive acupuncture if you’re house bound because of an injury, surgery or current condition. I come to your home with all the necessary equipment and supplies to give you a complete treatment.


After reviewing your Client Intake Questionaire we’ll discuss your immediate health concern and long term health care goals . We then discuss your medical history. The classic "ten questions" are asked as they relate to your chief complaint: sleep, energy, digestion, emotional life, aches & pains et. al. Your pulses are read at 3 positions on each wrist which accesses all of the organ systems in Chinese Medicine. Lastly, your tongue is looked at to accesses your digestion and overall health. After all this information has been gathered I will give you Chinese Medical Diagnosis and explain what type of treatments I recommend. Your treatment plan may include the use of acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Moxabustion, Cupping, massage, therapeutic yoga poses and dietary recommendations. Before we begin treatment I will give your Chinese Medical treatment plan for relieving you current condition and your Chinese Medical treatment plan for reaching your health care goals.

Suggested reading to learn more about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


The Art of Acupuncture is 8 minutes and 40 second video about getting your first acupuncture treatment. You get to see an acupuncture office, hear about the consultation, diagnosis, and theory of acupuncture. Best of all there is an acupuncture demonstration. Enjoy a glimpse into the world of Chinese Medicine! To receive a free initial phone consultation with Royal call 619-977-5336 or email.


The Yellow Emperor asked: "What is meant by emptiness and fullness?"

Chi Po answered: "When harmful influences are plentiful then we can speak of fullness; when the essences are decreased we can speak of emptiness."